Meet the Xite Team. Just three regular gaming guys, specialising in everything from Retro games and consoles, newest and latest games, devices and trends, to expert PC advice for building your PC, gaming and maintenance. Everything you could possibly need or want all under the one roof. Now, lets meet the family.


CHRIS (Founder)

Name: Christopher Callaghan
Age: 22
Gamertag: ElbowedLemon (xbox)
Why did you start Xite? : To be honest it wasn’t just me. I had always played most of my games along side D and shortly before the turn of the year in 2015 we had put a few little tournaments together with another friend of ours. We loved everything that went into it and were hoping to one day expand our ideas with some content creation. Fast forward 10 months and I worked along side both Paddy and Other James and all we talked about were games. I loved the idea that they streamed and created some content for YouTube, I just thought, how cool would that be if we just all got together and made videos together, hell we’re all playing the games, why not play, record and upload together? I spoke in much more detail one day to Paddy who jumped at the idea, I honestly couldn’t believe this guys reaction to some of the ideas I was throwing about, to me they were dreams, but to Paddy this was something we were going to start immediately. Needless to say, the day after I talked to him, we already had the name, domain and website underway later that day. It was fast.
What is your gaming history?: My earliest memories are playing the Original PlayStation 1 which my father bought in 94. Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider were firm family favourites. I played many classics over the year before moving onto the PS2 and again Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider remained favourites, but there was so much choice of titles, we played so many. I bought a Nintendo Gamecube in 2004 I think and played it to death, titles like Mario, Timesplitters and Resident Evil were my favourites. Then came the big move to the 360. I just knew I had to have it when I first seen the advertisement for Gears of War. Needless to say I didnt look back. I actually burnt through my original console and had to buy an Elite a few years later. In between I had the Wii, Nintendo DS, Gameboy colour and Gameboy advance. Too many memories to even mention. I am now in possession of an Xbox One and honestly but for Gears of War I would never touch the thing. Hence CoWap Bros are all about Retro.
What are you excited about in the gaming world?: Honestly, seeing more and more people play older games and realising just how much they bloody enjoy them! Don’t get me wrong at the time of writing this I am eagerly anticipating the launch of Nintendo’s Switch, purely for Breath of The Wild so far the game itself looks outstanding, not so sure about the console, but time will tell.
What in the world of gaming angers you? : Oh, quite a bit angers me, just read some of the Blogs or listen to the Pods, but right now simple, modern consoles. Having to pay for a game, to only receive a % of it on the disk and be expected to download the rest at home. Newsflash, it may be 2017 but us rural country folk still cannot establish a strong enough broadband connection to make that possible.
How Do You Set up?: Sharp 32′ flatscreen with 3 HD ports, Scart and Side AV ready. Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, Wii and 64 on the way. ASUS Gaming Laptop with i7 and Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960m Graphics card. Elgato HD capture card for recording and Audio Technica AT20 USB Mic and Blue Snowball Ice Mic. Behringer Xenyx 1204 Mixer with XM8500 XLR mic for Podcasts. I also own a Gameboy Colour, Nintendo DS, DS lite and 2DS.
Find me: Facebook & Twitter – @Xitegaming Instagram – Xitegaming Youtube – Cowap Bros/Xitegaming Email:

Paddy (CEO)

Name: Paddy McCartney (CEO)
Age: 26
Gamertag: Paddy-22 (PS4)
Why join Xite? – When Chris approached me with the idea I was immediatly hooked, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I had always wanted to do something like this and now the timing couldn’t have been better. I work alongside Chris and Other James on a daily basis and its always games, games games with us so to be able to do this now as a team is really exciting. I guess, put simply why did I join Xite? Why do I do anything? For fun.
What is your gaming history?: I started gaming at around 6 years old. I first had the Sega Mega Drive and I bought three games along side it, Street Fighter, Pacman and of course Sonic. You honestly would have had a very hard time pulling me away from that console. We had an NES in the house growing up and there was a 64 then eventualy, which seriously blew all of us away, 3D Mario? Come on. When the PS1 first launched we picked up a console and that was the real game changer. Games like Crash Bandicoot, Duke Nukem and Spyro were just outstanding. But what appealed the most was the sheer quantity of games that were available for it, and on disc! We had a Dreamcast, but it wasn’t near as played as much as our PS1. Then came the PS2 and nothing else seemed to matter. This was Revolutionary! Honestly it was my favourite console to date. I bought an Xbox and Xbox 360 but it was the Playstation that again stole my heart with the PS3. I now game on my PS4 and look forward to the future of Playstation and what it has to offer me.
What are you excited about in the world of gaming?: VR. More specifically the PS4 VR, you can bet your life on it I will have that asap. I just love the idea of VR and having it on my favourite console is just an absolute must for me, cannot wait.
What are you angry about?: Its not that Im angry about it, I just feel developers are remastering games far too soon nowadays. It just seems to be the way things are going and too many of them are rushed and don’t exactly give us anything new, instead just give us what we already know the game has. If its not broke, dont fix it.
How do you set up?: Currently I use a Toshiba 50″ Full HD Television, however I am Looking to upgrade to 4k soon. PS4 is my console of choice at the minute along side the PS4 camera. I use the Official PS4 headset for my gaming and a Venom headset for any recording. I also use a Blue Snowball Ice mic and an XM8500 XLR mic for Podcasts.
Find me: Facebook & Twitter – @XiteGaming Youtube – PaddyMaxx Email –


James ‘D’

Name: James Downey
Age: 22
Gamertag: MoNguSs(XBL), MoNguSs94(PSN,Steam)
Why did you join Xite? I was asked, politely.
What is your Gaming History?: The first game system I owned, like many others my age, was the PlayStation 1. I was around 7 when we first got that, and I wasn’t very good at gaming. I liked to play Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, it was about the only pace I could manage. I had a great experience playing the Italian Job game with my cousins, that was my first real co-op experience I suppose, even though the game is single player only. When we upgraded to the PlayStation 2, I had become a little more adept at gaming. This brought on the FIFA’s, Grand Theft Auto’s, and my favourite ps2 game, Spiderman 2. It wasn’t until the next generation that I began my gaming in earnest, and for this generation I made the switch to Xbox 360. What inspired this switch was more or less two factors. 1: Gears of War. 2: Christopher had one. The PlayStation 3 looked good to be sure, but I wanted the 360 so me and my buddy could talk games, talk gears and really commit to this gaming craic. Funny enough, my earliest memory of 360 gaming wasn’t Gears of War, it was watching Splinter Cell: Double Agent as Sam fisher blocked a stairwell, whistling casually as NPCs tried to get past. It was the first console that made me love games, the Gears trilogy, Mass Effect trilogy, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Assassins Creed 2(my first full gamerscore game), call of duty modern warfare series. So many amazing games that really shaped me as a gamer. Ultimately, the decision to buy my current gen console was influenced, once again, by Gears of War. Gears 4 was coming, and it was coming exclusively to Xbox One. So I made my choice, and while I wasn’t blown away by the Xbox One, I’ve grown more attached to it over time, having now invested hundreds of hours into Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3.
Excited About:Recently it was the launch of Gears 4, but that has come and passed, so now I’m most excited about playing through older games! CoWap Bros are all about old classics and cooperative play, so getting the chance to revisit some of my favourite games really excites me. Don’t get me wrong, the gaming world is moving into some extremely exciting territory with PlayStation VR and Project Scorpio, but honestly I’m more interested on what Xbox are adding to their backwards compatibility library these days. Oh, and Red Dead Redemption 2.
What angers you? Games are becoming increasingly dependent on an online connection to work. For the most part it’s fine if your internet is up to the job (mine isn’t), but when games start requiring day one patches to be played, or certain features being online only, I get concerned, because now these online features, which should be adding to the game, are restricting the ways I can play. I can’t play local multiplayer on Halo 5, or couch co-op Horde in Gears 4, because of these online requirements, and that’s a problem.
How do you set up?: I have a 48″4k television which my Xbox one is currently hooked up to alongside my 360, these two are my most played consoles. I also have a PS3 and Wii setup in a pretty sweet spot, right next to my old laptop and PS1 inside a box on top of my wardrobe. Running a beast of a laptop with an i3 (that’s right) chip, Intel HD Graphics and, get this, a 250 gb SSD. It runs Skyrim on Lowest at about 20 FPS so it’s quite the machine, but is mainly used for MineCraft when I’m supposed to be studying, and that one time I had an existential crisis playing The Stanley Parable.
Find me: At the bar.