Xite Gaming Podcast Ep.30 – A Heart Warming, Life Affirming Episode.. P.S Someone Tag Tubrity

This week the guys were joined by Mr James S Sinker as they discussed their weekly shenanigans, the platform that stole 2017 and discuss “which is the right games console for me?”


Listen Here.


Feel free to use the Time Stamps Below

Along with all the usual absurdities which guys know of… Its The Xite Gaming Podcast!


Intro : 00:01

James S agrees to Edit – 02:08
Decent Xmas Decor worth Noting – 02:58

Our Weeks –
James Week – 04:20 (what he was playing 12:52)
How to Get a Season Pass Without Paying – 16:41
Sinkers Suprise : 19:00

D’s Week – 24:20

Chris’ Week: 37:18
Chris’ Grievance With GAME – 42:50

(Sinker joins in) – 45:09 + 49:09

D’s Reddit Secret Santa – 59:57

Chris’ Peeing World Record Attempt #1 – 01:08:00

What we Really Think Of Sinker – 01:09:20

News – 01:10:09
-The Ranch Rape Accusations
– Big PS Store Exclusives Now Available
– Kojima + Norman Reedus Game Awards Appearance
– Star Wars Hype

Main Topic – Who Dominated 2017 – 01:16:05

Sub Topic – Which is The Console For Me? – 01:24:38

The Games YOU CANNOT BEAT US ON! – 01:56:40

The Guys Help Chris Plan His Florida Trip – 02:02:50

Closing Thoughts – 02:06:08
– The Mc Gang Bang!

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