‘Twas a cold blustery night, All the animals lay quiet, The last few remaining birds where getting ready to nest for the evening, We sat in the studio, unsure of what lay ahead.

Ideas where few and far between, not much was being said other than the odd murmur here and there, The cold was starting to creep in even more so than usual, We had nothing, no one, we where done.

As our teeth began to chatter, hands turning from the warmth of peach to the coldness of blue and the log fire began to fade out we knew… we all knew…

So there you have it, the first few paragraphs of the XITE Gaming novel loosely based on true events coming your way just in time for Christmas!

So guys at the time of writing this we are 10 days out from the launch of Season 2 and (nearly) everything is ready to go!

We are actually surprised at how much work we got done in such a short amount of time, we kinda deserve a break from it all 😂

Anyway… this was just a reminder for everyone who has reviewed us on Facebook to tune in and watch the draw live on the Season 2 premiere on YouTube, and to thank you all for the support and love shown so far. It’s means a lot, more than you will all probably know because this is in all honestly hard, trying to get people to interact with us, get them few extra likes and follows and then make entertaining podcasts and videos etc, but we love it, we love doing it, because it’s fun and we love the limelight and all the fame that goes with it, handing out a autograph here and there (This is yet to happen as no one has asked us, however if you want one just forward us some money and it can be arranged)

When it all comes down to it, you all have helped us continue to do it and made us push further to make it better and more entertaining and for that THANK YOU!

On that note I’ll leave you all to it and remember September 15th, don’t forget to tune in!

Oh and pre-order the book..


– Paddy



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