One Month To Go

One month.
One month to go.
That has flown, right now at XITE Gaming studios it’s all go, go, go! We haven’t had a moments rest, Ok yes I had a week away in Mayo, and yes Diddlez was in Germany for two weeks, and somewhere else for a week that I can’t remember at the time of writing this, and yes Chris was away for a week in Donegal as well, but let’s not get bogged down on who went where, we have been SUPER busy!
Well we’ve been working a bit.
From time to time we do actually do things, not very often I grant you that but every so often an idea pops up, Chris runs with it like there’s no tomorrow (as he does with every new thing he comes across that he likes, then it dies, he forgets about it and we never hear of it again)
But this time it’s special. It’s something new. Something great. Something we can promise you, that you won’t get anywhere else. Because let’s face it, people tend to be better at these sorts of things than us. But not this time, this time, XITE Gaming has it going onnnnn!!
I can’t say much more for legal reasons and all DAT DURR!
However… in one months time… your life is going to change massively.
For the better…
Or worse…
Either way, Watch this space and put it in your unicorn dairy you keep tucked up under your pillow, you know the one I’m talking about, nice and fluffy, pink with glitter, has a tiny lock that came with one key and if you lose it you are fucked? Yeah that one… make a note in it.
I know you have one because it just can’t be me, right? Right?
– Paddy

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