So, It’s been a while?

So, as the title suggests, it has been a while from I have posted anything… ANYTHING!


You are all probably wondering what is going on, “Did Paddy leave and go to something that has a future?” “Did he realise that he was the glue holding XITE together and couldn’t handle the pressure anymore?”


Well unfortunately it wasn’t any of those things, I am still stuck here with the other two idiots trying to make the world a better place.  In all seriousness, we have all been very busy planning and mapping out the future of XITE Gaming.


As I write this however it occurs to me that I haven’t seen either of the guys in about… 4 weeks! That’s actually a long time considering we usually meet twice a week, every week, To ‘DO WORK’ and i use that term very loosely, We usually get side-tracked and talk about every topic unrelated to gaming possible, Pack our laptops away, Pat each other on the back and congratulate each other on another fantastic nights ‘WORK’ and head our separate ways. Diddlez was away on work related business to Germany (He had a holiday, but me and Chris have been assured that it was work and not a holiday and we believe him) We are though meeting up this evening and we actually are planning to do…*sigh*… work.


I was also on holidays for a week which is another reason as to why we haven’t met up in ages, I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed getting to spend the entire week away with my family and all the pressures of everyday life left behind.  That sounds deep. But I did love it, every moment with them makes me happy, so I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all the tasks laying before me.


I haven’t high hopes for tonight’s meeting but that’s what makes us great, We promise you all the moon and the stars, And what you actually get in return for your undying love and loyalty is mediocre playthroughs that remain unfinished (I will refer you to my Resident Evil 7 playthrough here, which funny enough you can find on YouTube partly finished with 0% chance of its completion happening anytime soon, so if you are the type of person who enjoys watching some of a game, Check that out) and  three guys with Mics and a video camera on us talking a little bit about gaming and most things not.




So as always guys its short and sweet from me, because I know how precious time is to you, just a small update on the few weeks passed, what we have been doing and I promise what is coming very soon is a game changer.  That’s not an empty promise. That’s a real one. I promise. That is also a real promise.

Check out YouTube to see all the latest videos and if you subscribe that would be fantastic. And be sure to keep up to date with all social media platforms.




– Paddy


(P.S. Chris played the new Crash trilogy on PS4 and he loves it, hasn’t stopped talking about how good it is and how wrong he was, but I’m not one for saying “I told you so” so i will just leave it at that.)


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