I’m not quite sure what it is. Maybe its the fact that E3 is upon us during the time of writing. Maybe its the start of summer has me all hyped up on summer endorphins. I’m just not sure.

To those of you reading this, thank you. Thank you for keeping up-to date with our on-goings at this time.

So, here’s the thing, right now, we’re all super busy and yes I know we make the joke that we are all busy when we’re not but this is one of those very rare cases in which its just the plain truth.

Our podcasts have been stopped for a little over a month now for us and trust me when I say, we are all feeling it. Its weird you know, when we first all got together to do some recording we all sat at my kitchen table sharing microphones and not having a real clue as to what we were at. Although from that, something clicked inside me, inside us. Now don’t get me wrong we all very much feel and know that we have literally only began our journey into the world of internet entertainment, and truth be told if it weren’t for so many successful, and some just starting, content creators/podcasters/bloggers/YouTubers whatever, we probably wouldn’t have the drive we have. Sure, I think its anybody’s dream who starts a YouTube channel, or begins podcasting that they make a name for themselves, the internet stardom as it is, but honestly, I myself couldn’t be happier to be part of such a group who literally and quite simply enjoy getting together and making something happen. Make something to entertain others, make something that’s enjoyable to make, to listen too, to watch. That’s it for us. Gaming and entertaining has always been something that has been inside each of us, and its now that we realise just how lucky we are to be able to share with you, our experiences, our opinions, our lives. Trust me, words cant describe how greatful we feel toward each and every one of you who take time out to listen, or watch or like or read or whatever you do to support us. Its amazing.

Okay, all that aside, what the heck is going on right now. Well think of this as kind of a weekly update, except its not weekly, its monthly, but not monthly just whenever we feel like writing it.

So D is in Germany with work, he’s flying the flag out in mainland Europe for the next bit. While there he continues to work on some of our editing, blogging and planning for what’s ahead.

Paddy is managing his family life along side helping myself get ready for the upcoming events we have planned. He himself has again started to make a pretty dominant name for himself in the online scene too, as well as supplying Xite with all of the promotional, and sometimes non promotional material we need to get us by.

I myself am adjusting to the recording scene once again learning the ropes with some new hardware and software as well as getting to grips with some of the software we will be using for upcoming projects.

I know, I know what are we working on right? Its something and nothing. Its what we’ve always done, only this time, done right. Its time to bring to you something special, something different, something…Xite.

Other than that I can’t really say much, its not that Im not allowed, I just don’At want too… Yet. Its all coming and you wont want to miss it just trust me on that one.

So until you hear from any of us again, all of your support is just superb, thank you everyone so much, and if you’ve made it this far with this post….


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