I know. Its started negatively. But its like being stuck between a rock and a million hard places.

I am of course referring to the fact that I find myself being one of the gamers in the world with mounds of games, titles galore, but nothing to play. Nothing calling out to me. Nothing screaming my name.

It sucks. Never did I think I would ever find myself being a person to complain about something I actually have. To be honest with you, I’m merely writing this because I simply couldn’t be bothered putting a game into a console. What’s wrong with me?

What makes this all worse is that I have just had a week of holidays from work in which I had so many plans on what to play. How to split my time to fully maximise my play time. My backlog was going to take a huge hit. But the sad reality was that it just didn’t.

I even went game shopping. I went to some of the biggest gaming stores possible around my birthday with the intention to spend some money on myself and enjoy some new games. But I didn’t buy a single game.

I found myself standing in the stores, game in hand just staring mindlessly at the cover art while a million thoughts that never would normally surface did. Do I need this game? Will I play this game? Should I actually buy this game?

What the hell? What’s happening me? Is this what growing up is?

I hate it.

I tell you what. I actually blame this whole way of thinking and acting on Fallout 4. It ruined me for other games. The commonwealth chewed me up and spat me up like a piece of crap. Taking my gaming soul with it. So close to that Platinum. Yet so, so far.

I have recently started playing The Last of Us Remastered too. Although being told by literally everybody who has ever played the game ever that it is one of thee best games ever, I find myself being needlessly nitpicky with it. Is this what gaming is going to be from now on?

Maybe I need just that one title to pull me out of this slump. Although that being said, if The Last of Us doesn’t do it. I’m in trouble. Big Trouble.

Wish me luck. Godspeed.



2 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. I know several people with a similar problem! SOOOO many games, but……they’ve all been done before. On the surface it seems crazy that you can have so many at your disposal and yet feel utterly bored with them all, but alas, it happens.

    In a way, it makes me grateful for games like Destiny, that I can pick up between my main games and continue to enjoy it as they keep adding new content. Incrementally, but it’s enough to switch up the rhythm.


    1. It does happen indeed and I font mean to sound ungreatful either as I love my collection of games. I too am thankful as I have several titles that serve as my ‘go to’ in situations like these 😄

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