Weekly Update: 07/05/2017

Motivational Quote of the Week:

“Don’t be afraid of failure. It’s just life’s little way of telling you you’re not good enough”

Back on track

It’s been quite a while since the last weekly update, which is a byproduct of our hectic schedules producing the very best high quality original multimedia experiences for you guys.

Nah, I just haven’t been bothered the last few weeks.

But, starting today we hope to keep things coming more regularly. More blogs, more videos and more podcasts, all that jazz. Well that’s the plan anyway, God only knows what we’ll actually do. Xite Gaming: Home of the empty promise.®

Catch Up

So, to get everyone up to speed, because i know you’ve all been missing your weekly xite fix, i’m going to run through whats happened over the last month and a half.

Paddy did more resident evil, the horror game that has brought success back to the series, and being completely honest with you i’m not sure if it was finished or not. Go find out!

Chris did a vlog (thats ‘video blog’, clever right?) about a day in his life. Now I know what you’re thinking, but i’ve checked it out myself and its actually pretty bearable.  I mean its a video all about Chris, it was never going to be good, but it actually holds up pretty well considering.

We held a LAN party! With sweeties and fizzy drinks and everything! The game of choice was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and it was a well fought contest. There could of course be only one winner (me), and after a lengthy (and frankly outrageous) match fixing scandal, I (the winner) was named the Xite Champion. The title is of course mainly ceremonial and is not (yet) formally recognised by the state, but i did have some business cards drawn up.

In terms of gaming videos, check out our killer Battlefield 1 death montage(its our deaths, we’re crap) and our attempt at Slenderman: The Arrival.

And finally, the cream of the crop, our podcasts. Its basically the only thing we do consistently, and we’ve done four more since the last update. We’ve covered the newly announced Call of Duty WWII, discussed wheter or not we pay too much for our games, finally delved into the rich lore of Gears of War, and just generally talked about life.


In non-gaming related news…

A big congratulations to our esteemed colleague Paddy on the birth of his baby daughter!

Life isn’t all gaming related you know, and big moments like these really reflect how much can changes in a few weeks.

Granted, this is a little late, but sure better late than never; Congrats Paddy and Family!

Whats coming next:

I actually don’t know. Just stay tuned, okay? Cool.





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