Weekly Update: 26/03/2017 : Dublin GamerCon ExtrazaganzaPaloozaFest

Motivational Quote of the Week:

“Remember, it’s NEVER too late, to go back to bed”

This Week: Dublin GamerCon ExtrazaganzaPaloozaFest


Dublin GamerCon was held in Dublin (funny enough) on St Patrick’s Day weekend, 18th-19th of March.

The dedicated bunch that we are, Xite decided to traverse the rocky road to Dublin to check out the convention. Oh, and being the ingenious  bunch that we are, we decided to record our trip to Dublin. Because whats more exciting than an extended period of travel!?

Check out our VlogCast (yes, we just made that up, and no, you can’t use it ) below, the first half is our exciting journey to the convention, where we tackled cyclists, road users and  a low diesel light to make our way to the Dublin City Convention Centre. Just look at that cheery optimism!

The second half was recorded after the convention, and the optimism is gone. I say gone, but what i mean is, the optimism was taken out into the woods, beaten with a shovel and buried 6 feet under; i’m talking real sick shit, mafia type stuff.

Needless to say, the convention didn’t exactly blow us away. If you dont have the time or inclination to watch/listen to our thoughts, Chris wrote up his experience in a blog here. A little later, after digesting things a little I also shared my thoughts.

If you cant be bothered with that either, here’s the general gist: it was bad. It oversold and underwhelmed

That’s really all we’ve been up to in the last fortnight, GamerCon and it’s fallout. PaddyMaxx has been working on his Resident Evil 7 videos, and they’re coming real soon.

Expect more video podcasts (VlogCasts; yes, it’s a thing now) too, we’ve been sprucing up our studio and we figured it’s time to show it off a little.

That’s it for now, have a good week!




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