Weekly Update: 12/03/2017

Motivational Quote of the Week:

(For all you students out there)

“Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow”

This Week:

This week we did about as much as is expected of us at this point; just about enough.

Chris has continued his lets plays of Horizon: Zero Dawn, where he fights robot animal type things in the future, but it looks like the past, and there’s really advanced technology, but at the same time, people use bow and arrows, and… Well, just watch:

PaddyMaxx is back with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He insists that he didn’t have the time to get playing it last week, but i’m pretty sure he was just bricking it. Thankfully, peer pressure prevailed, and parts 1-3 are out now:

As usual, the weekly podcast dropped on Wednesday, this time we talked about the role of an online connection in gaming today, how it can improve, and worsen, the gaming experience. It’s actually pretty serious at times this week folks, which is a nice change of pace, if nothing else.


I think we promised a blog, a recipe and a vlog for this week. Shockingly, that didn’t happen, but we have genuinely been busy! Next week, we’ll be firing up some more Resident Evil, and the podcast, but that will probably be it. We’re heading to Dublin on March 19th for GamerCon, and we hope to do a few special videos for the day that’s in it, and you’ll be seeing those shortly afterwards.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the stuff that’s out there and we’ll keep trying to improve it in the coming weeks and months.

Cheers guys!



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