Don’t bother reading this piece of shit blog folks. Honestly. It’s fucking sewage.

Who the fuck am I to write a blog? I couldn’t be less interesting. Yesterday I watched a documentary about wheelbarrows(puncture proof wheel technology has really come a long way). And it didn’t just happen to be on, I set a timer for that shit.

So really this blog is about me having the sheer fucking nerve to talk like I’m worth listening to. Spoiler alert; I’m not. I can barely stand listening to myself. Not that I talk to myself, that would be weird. To be fair, it’s no weirder than talking to you, my imaginary audience; but let’s not open that can of worms.

You know what I think when I read blogs like this one? “This writing is bullshit and they know it.” And I do know it, yet here I am typing away( I refer to the time of typing, I’m not literally typing now as you read this (Unless of course I DO happen to be typing while you’re reading, but then that’s just a happy coincidence (come to think of it, there’s nothing happy about that, it’s just a coincidence))).

Did you see that? The brackets within brackets up there? Stupid right? That’s a rhetorical question by the way, I know it’s stupid, but if you actually liked it, send in your details and I’ll email you a cookie.

So what will I talk about? (This isn’t rhetorical, genuinely, someone tell me what to do here.)

I honestly haven’t a thing say. This is bullshit. Just go read the other blogs. They’re complete dung as well, you could try Paddy’s inventively titled ‘Number 1.’ Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Chris is rambling on about some gaming co-op partner called ‘Buddy’,  a person that none of us have ever seen; that fucker’s going mad, any budding psychiatrists out there please assist. And when you’re clicking on links, you may as well try the YouTube page, and the podcasts.


Did you check them out?


Of course you didn’t, who the fuck actually clicks those links! But honestly, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you did check those pages out and give us a little support.


Did you click them this time?


Yea, I didn’t think you would.

Okay, enough fucking about. Time for me to start writing some actual content, I actually have a really good idea, and if I can pull it off I think you’re all going to be quite impressed, these next few paragraphs are gonna be something special. In fact, I’d go as far to say that the rest of this blog is going to set the tone for the rest of all my blogs here at Xite. In the following words you will learn all you need to know about me and Xite Gaming. Here we go…



The pressure got to me.



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