The Day

So the day is finally upon us. D-day, Judgement day, Co-op day. So I’ll just begin at bare basics here guys.
Get your ass outta that bed! Seriously, this is no day for a lie in, this is an important day. Rise and fucking shine. Get yourself a shower and made presentable, you don’t want Buddy to think you’ve only just crawled out of hibernation from within a bin. Cleanliness is a must, nobody wants a smelly co-op partner. Now get that ass to the kitchen and rustle up some grub. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day kids and if you have a marathon gaming session ahead of you, you’d just be stupid to skip it. For me I’ll have a coffee or two at breakfast also.
So if you haven’t done at this point I would set a time to begin with Buddy. Personally CoWap sessions always tend to begin around 12 noon, but its purely preference.
After you have the grub put away, go collect all the consoles, controllers, cables and games you’ll need for that day if you haven’t done so already, good organisation is key here, there’s nothing worse than deciding to take on a game and realise as you insert the disc that it doesn’t work. If you happen to be playing through a System Link connection, you may have to have the same update of that game saved to your console so make sure you either have that, or clear your console cache before you begin.
So, 20 minutes before play, this is where you add the final touches. Assuming you are the host, make sure you have supplies on hand, snacks, drinks, food for the mid session intervals. Having all this ready to go will increase your play time and productivity respectively. You don’t want to find yourself pumped after defeating a mega boss, hit the food break and have to spend an hour deciding what your going to have, it kills the hype.
When Buddy arrives sort the seating arrangements, now remember this is going to be somewhere you may have to sit for long periods of time, often through some of the most intnse gaming you’ll ever experience, so choosing a wooden stool or the floor would be a no-go for me. Choose wisely.
Have the first round of energy drinks or cola or whatever you plan on having on hand with some light snacks to keep you going. If you haven’t done so, I would suggest scheduling regular toilet breaks and food intervals, be it every 30 minutes or at the end of every chapter depending on the game you choose.
So now your ready but one final thing. If you live at home and your playing be courteous to others, don’t have that final boss battle at ear piercing decibels at 3am, its just not nice. If you live alone go right ahead, but remember the upstairs or downstairs neighbours, or the next door residents as they might not care as much about finishing the game as you do. Its just good manners guys and at Cowap we know they cost nothing.
So go get stuck in, pull the curtains dim the lights and get the feet up as you and Buddy begin what should and will be the most gripping and immersive experience of your lives.



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