Number. 1

First Blog Entry

So… Here we are, My first blog entry of the new year… Well my first blog of any year really because this is my first ever blog!

Here I’m going to be explaining what I have planned for the coming year, what I’ll be getting up to and what me and the guys have planned together as well, in my blogs you are going to get simplicity, you won’t be getting any fancy words or me trying to sound smart what you will be getting is… well me!

What I will be trying to do with my blogs is keeping them short but informative so as they don’t run on too much and you get bored reading them, we have two other members that will take care of that. I kid of course, what both my colleagues write about in their weekly blogs is well worth a read I can assure you.

So what will Paddy Maxx be getting up to in the year that lies ahead? I plan on taking on as many scary games as I can possibly muster, for the time being this will only include games on the PS3 and PS4 consoles, Whilst I know there are some brilliant horror games on the older gen consoles I will have to check with our two Retro specialists to see if one of them would accompany me whilst completing a walkthrough of the game. If you have any suggestions or if there Is a game you would love to see me play, then by all means hit me up through our social media accounts and I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list.

Something I cannot hide my excitement for is the PlayStation VR headset, Chris and myself have recently decided we will purchase one and take our gaming to the next level so be sure to keep up to date with that.

We will be getting together weekly to discuss different topics and how to make XITE better for you, the people we decided to set all this up for, We will have regular podcasts uploaded every week to the website and will also have plenty of giveaways and competitions coming up as well.

So whilst I have tried to keep this short and sweet it appears that I have run on slightly so I’m going to wrap this up, I hope you have enjoyed it and until next time (Next Week) stay frosty!

Peace Out Bitches!



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