Hello World


So here we are launch week. Boy that was fast. Three months have passed in the blink of an eye for us, we have no doubt its the same for you guys. We for one will be happy to see the back end of 2016. Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t a bad year, we just know what we have planned for 2017 and to say we are excited would be an understatement.
So here we are and here you are, reading this, but what exactly is this crap you are reading. Well, even we dont know exactly, I guess if we HAD to catagorise this I would just say we’ll call this ‘Informed Consent’ so you, the viewers, readers, donaters, likers, subscribers, all of you know what the hell you are doing pressing that button to follow us throughout the next year.

Well, we are aspiring content creators. Green as fucking grass at that too. But we do know a thing or two. Or maybe we just know two things.
1. We know what people WANT to see.
2. We know how to GIVE people what they WANT to see.
But with those two things, a shit tonne of games, a seemingly endless amount of man hours at our disposal ( we honestly dont know how we’ve found the time we have so far) and a hell of a committed team, we WILL bring you the best content possible. We WILL bring you No Bull Gaming. No filters. No bias opinions. No constant praise or whining. We’ll bring your what we promised from day one. The Truth.
We here at XiteGaming are a team of 3.5. Okay, firstly let me explain. Three of us are ‘full time’ if you like and we have one man of mystery who drops in from time to time. He’s our .5, our Mr.X, the man behind the curtain. We call him ‘Other James’ for reasons that would quite simply baffle you. But on a serious note, he is an exceptionally talented member of our team, with a knowledge of games that would amaze you and an exceptional talent for all things P.C based.

Anywho, the 3.5 of us make up XiteGaming split into three separate factions. First CoWap Bros, consisting of Chris and James. We are two friends who have always gamed together. We both share a love for all things retro, all things nostalgic, all games and consoles we grew up playing. We do have our difference in opinions on some topics and make those clear throughout our videos and Podcasts. We will be tackling games from the Sega Megadrive and NES, right up through the years on as many consoles as we can get our hands on, up to PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Then there is Paddy. He is our horror master. This guy just genuinely has a love of scaring the shit out of himself, he adores the horror genre, lives for the jump scares and plans to torment himself on as many platforms as he can, his favourite being the Playstation and in particular PS4. But of course it doesnt stop there. Paddy is a seriously good Fifa player and I challenge anybody to take this guy on, one on one. Paddy enjoys making himself a dominant and highly competitive player online, Call of Duty and Fifa being two strongsuits of his but loves more, making the rest of team play the sick twisted games he adores.

Finally there is the XITE TEAM group, which is basically when we just all get together to do a playthrough, podcast, or some other video of sorts together. Laughs most deferentially ensue here and honestly, we usually end up getting little done apart from laughing. A warning here, we do have a ridiculous sense of humor and as our disclaimer does state, (we think we have a disclaimer…) we NEVER intentionally set out to offend, hurt or shame anybody, but it sometimes just happens. Please do not take it to heart. If you know any of us, then you know what we are like, and if you know what we are like together, you’ll understand. Basically we will cover whatever game we feel would make a good group playthrough, sometimes a brilliant game, other times a diabolical one, we tend to wing things and more often than not will never have a schedule to follow.

So apart from straight up gaming videos what will we get up to? Well we’ll hit up the conventions, the launches, midnight releases, tournaments, major film releases together and let you know how we get on with those. There will be regular giveaways, and competitions and mid year we will be hosting our own LAN party event. A chance for any gamer worth his/her salt, to bring along a console, hook up and play for prizes so stay tuned for those.

Look no-one is going to make you follow us, but if there’s one thing we do know, its that you wont be disappointed that you did.
We have a serious years work ahead of us guys, and we would love your following. So be sure to press that, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE whatever button, we wont pollute your feed so you can rest easy if you do follow us and believe me when we say that it will be greatly appreciated from all of us.

So, until January 6th. stay tuned guys, thank you for the love and support so far and get ready for some of the crazy shit we got coming your way.



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