First off, this aint all gaming this blog, it just aint. Sure we could sit here and write about games till our hearts content, and sure you guys might read it, but fuck, that would bore me to death. I could easily sit here day in day out writing about what Im playing, Im sure the guys could too, “Im playing this game, it is good, I like this part, it is good”. Not a chance. Sure 80% of the blog may be gaming, but theres always more to it.
Theres alot more to being a gamer than actualy gaming. Most of us wish we could just sit there all day immersed in our favourites, but as we know, it aint always the case. We have familys, jobs, commitments, lives outside Xite. Now there, there’s where the good stuff lies my friends.
So don’t expect every post here to revolve around what we are playing, or our thoughts on a specific game. Don’t expect lovely fluent sentences and structure to our writing, it aint no fucking Literature blog. Don’t expect no profanities, no swearing, no telling it how it bloody well is. Expect to hear more and more about the lives of the Xite family, expect to hear the truth, expect five guys blowing off steam when gaming just aint accessible, because if nothing else, this blog will be used as a vent, a stress combatant.
So read till your hearts content, enjoy it, comment on it, ask us, we don’t bite and we’d love to hear from you guys. But at least now you know what to expect and don’t say we didn’t warn you.
                                                                                         – Chris

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