Welcome to Xite Gaming, the home of the empty promise.

We are a couple of bog-standard gamers, who want to share our gaming experiences, thoughts and opinions with you. We play and talk about all kinds of games, and also keep up with the latest in TV, film, tech and other random things

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Primarily we produce videos for YouTube, covering all kinds of different game genres. Get your fix of lets plays, walkthroughs and competitive challenges, and a whole lot of messing, yelling and laughing.


We call ourselves ‘home of the empty promise’ and now we are the home of the Empty Promise Podcast. Here we discuss a little bit of everything, gaming , conspiracies, true crime and other random topics, and we open shoot off at length on random tangeants – ‘Random Tangeants’ would be a good name for a podcast actually…

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We also try to update this site with our thoughts and opinions from time to time, sometimes it gaming related, sometimes its just an update on how we’re doing.

This is basically just a lie at this point. There hasn’t been a blog on here in yonks… But Podcasts are pretty much just spoken blogs! Right?

The Empty Promise Podcast

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Meet the team


Chris is a dedicated gamer, whether it be putting in the hours mining for diamond in MineCraft or picking up every single crate in a Crash Bandicoot replay, he always gives it 110%. Its the type of dedication we wish we could say we shared when it comes to working on this site! You could call Chris a variety gamer, as he plays anything and everything, good and bad, which certainly leads to excellent stories when we sit down for a podcast.

James ‘D’

While he maintains that the ‘D’ stands for deadly, James is really just a standard gamer like the rest of us. He enjoys playing games, plain and simple, and he likes to keep an eye on the gaming industry as a whole. A far cry from being deadly, ‘D’ is a regular everyday man, with a passion for gaming.